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As a person on the right i have issue with the government issuing a marriage license. I'm quite sure they got into this business for reasons of income tax and what not. But the only reason it wasn't called a civil union back in the day was because there wasn't a large homosexual presence.

I personally believe it's not my place or anyone else's to judge anyones sexual preference. I don't think anyone who's walking in parades in drag want to have the same type of "marriage" straight people have. MOST of them just want their significant other to be recognized by the courts when it comes to tax filing, benefits, last will & testament, etc...

There is just no reason the government should be involved in regulating a religious institution such as marriage. I know of a two women who have same sex tendencies but don't want to submit to that lifestyle. They happen to be sisters and because neither of them want to be with men and neither of them want to be with women; they chose to live together as companions. They share all the expenses of living and like a couple, share their time together. Why shouldn't they be afforded the same rights as a man and a woman doing the same thing?

I don't look at this issue as gay vs straight. I look at it as a civil right issue and in that light, some people aren't afforded the rights they should have.
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