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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
I dont love BBRY for the long run(i.e.-many yrs), I do like it for a IT trade(months to a year) are few excerpts from Seeking Alpha article that describes how I feel about this trade...its the 80M subscribers that will drive this stock as many of them will want to finally upgrade to a real smartphone even if it isnt any better than a iphone or android.

BTW, great trades on AAPL...20K, very nicely done.

Thanks. As I stated before, I reopened another long position in AAPL. I bought 495 calls @ 1.80. I'd love to see another bump but I'm honestly expecting a pull back soon as I don't believe it'll break the IT trend line. I really hope it does though.

I'll take a look into BBRY. If it hits 13's, I'll definitely consider it.