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Originally Posted by five_timer View Post
We need to make a distinction between participating in a motor sport vs. viewing. Because sports car racing is exciting and challenging to participate in, and some may also find viewing it to be "relateable", but I think the extreme dynamics of F1 translate better to TV viewing than any other motorsport. You just can't beat qualifying at Monaco, or racing through eau-rouge at Spa. And the very "openness" of F1 cars makes the in-car shots more tactile to the viewer than the inside of a closed cockpit.
I couldn't agree with you more. The outright speed and technology behind F1is unsurpassable. This along with the drama and politics create one of the worlds highest viewing sport. Bernie Eccelstone has every intent of F1 being a traveling circus (as he calls it) and they do it well. Though as good Formula 1 is, its just to distant from reality. I enjoy sports car racing not only because I honestly think the actually racing is better, but it is possible to enter and have a blast doing so.

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