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Originally Posted by MidwestGolfBum View Post
There have a been a few who have tried them. Denzo did as well as one other member I remember. Denzo found his misfire to be tuned based, since as soon as he switched away from one tune to another things were fine.
I figured the JB4 was the culprit with the misfire, or at least had some sort of play into whatever it is that went bad to cause the misfire. As soon as I put it on map 0, it was idling a lot better. Can't decide if I'm going to sell the JB4 and get COBB, or what I'm going to do next. I still have downpipes to install on it so I guess I'm going to keep it for a while longer and switch out some things

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I think the Okada coils are still up in the air, in terms of how useful they are. Some of the PTF people are using them, as are a few big whp N54 guys, I think Enrita uses them as well. Angerman if you've already swapped out coils and plugs, valve cleaning would be a good place to go next. Not cheap I know Or perhaps you have a leaky injector, not too common but it happens. Ugh just thinking about misfires makes my head spin.
I'm just looking for options that are better than the stock OEM crap. I think it might be an injector, because I was running E85 for a good two thousand miles - probably clogged up or something. Yea, I'm going to get a valve cleaning soon...maybe next two thousand miles, or when I get more money saved after this fiasco
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looks like unicorn vomit.