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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
Yeah turnovers (many due to poor offense) and lack of rebounding did them in.

Why does is it always turn into jordan comparisons? With a top center and a top PG, I'm sure jordan would still take over 20 shots. Regardless of who was on his team, he would still dominate the ball while he was on the floor. Would he make others around him better, sure, but he would still put up shots.
Because everyone wants to compare Kobe to Jordan. And some people here likes to say that Kobe is better than Jordan.

The difference between Jordan and Kobe is they both are pure scorer. But Jordan took way more higher percentage shot and actually made it. Kobe forces the issue by isolation and playing 1 on 1 basketball and leaving the team hanging.

Originally Posted by ~XxPornxX~ View Post
cause 3 days ago this heat game wasnt on so i cant rub it in. failure to grab defensive rebounds was why they lost. god that still felt soo good
How old are you? 16? What is your point? Lakers still loss. I guess you love seeing your team lose.