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Originally Posted by RingMeister01
Originally Posted by Sauce View Post
This isn't correct. Initially you are taught to have one smooth turn in and to move the wheel as little possible. However when you actually start going fast and the car starts sliding around under you, quick movements, even what most people would call sawing at the wheel become necessary.

Here, this is an AWD car on slicks at a very high speed track, so the car is much more settled on the power than the M3 in that video, however on entry especially, you can still see what I mean:
+1 Moving the steering wheel as necessary to keep the car in direction while sliding. Look at drivers like Fernando Alonso and Ayrton Senna, while qualifing the cars dance on approach and exit. May not be the most effective style over an entire race but one lap sprint its fastest.
Thanks for putting it into the context and that's what I understand and agree with as well. Wonder if the MDM is engaged in this lap or it's all driver and no computer in the DSC.

By the way, I wasn't implying the driver left time in his lap that would have put the M3 any significantly quicker around this attacking lap. Just though to ride on the track driving style discussion