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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
I run the Blizzak's and those things have crazy grip in snow but obviously sacrifice performance.
Minor point, but Blizzak is Bridestone's brand name for their whole line of winter tires, and they come in a variety of lines of snow aggressiveness. I have the Blizzak LM-60, a performance winter, which isn't good in deep snow (which we rarely get in Chicago, at least this side of the lake), but provides decent dry performance and much better wet performance than the more extreme "ice and snow" winters, such as the WS-70. Match the tires to the conditions. If I'm the Charlotte person worried about needing to drive in the rare dusting of snow situations, maybe just run an all-season in the winter. For those with frequent snows but little accumulation (and needing to often drive on wet roads from melted snow), pick a performance winter. Finally, if you live somewhere that regularly gets multiple inches of snow, pick the snow and ice winter (or leave the M3 at home, and drive a winter beater, since ground clearance is only a few inches).
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