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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
By the way, can anyone tell me if logging a 3rd gear vs a 2nd gear would show different values on the ignition timing? I cannot think of a good reason why except maybe there is a higher load at higher speeds on the engine? I looked at the 3rd gear logs with every other value in place they are consistently 1.5-2 degrees retarded than the 2nd gear runs.

I need to get these graphed but doesn't really change the numbers I am interested in.
I think the 3rd gear datalogs are preferred because in 3rd gear you (typically) eliminate the chance of wheel spin, etc, and it gives a longer gear so more data points. I guess I will do more data logs, but I wanted to see how I stack up against some stock m3s and of course against some tuned m3s.

Curious to see what the differences are.