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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
If you feel inclined to try something new, take a lap or two at 34 or 35 hot. I was talking to a guy I know that really knows how to set cars up, and he said my tire pressures were too high at 38. Just to prove him wrong I tried 35 and I'm not going back.

Are you referring to those pressures with the NT-01? With the M5 I've always kept hot pressures from going over 39 as the tires get greasy and start skittering in slow corners, but even though that car has -2.3 static camber up front, I need pressure to prevent too much edge wear.

A bit off topic, but have you (or anyone) using NT-01s ever had tread splice failure? I bought a new set last Fall to run at a Performance Center autox event, and after a total of maybe 12 runs on a 1:30 track, all four of the NT-01s started opening up on the tread splice. Of course two of them on one side were much worse due to rotation direction, but even the two on the other side were showing gaps beginning. I think the build week was 32 (i.e. 3212). Nitto refunded me for the tires and retrieved them to study what happened, but I've not heard back from them.

Even further off topic, I got to this thread after seeing your member name here in this forum and recalling our past discussions on m5board and how you were instrumental in working with Ground Control on the trick front strut design for the E39 -- that work has gone a long way in the E39 M5 community as many have benefited from it. Good job. Speaking of which, I simply can't fathom how long ago that was now.

Lastly, I just added a 2011 E90 M3 to the stable, and I *love* this car. The S65/S62 contrast is interesting, but man the E90 is fun to drive. I'm keeping the M5 (10 years already now), and I may well end up with the E90 M3 very long term too.

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