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Originally Posted by davesaddiction View Post
'08 E90 M3
~48k miles, out of warranty within the week

I've owned it since this summer. Love the car, but have had to take care of several things since I got her. Thankfully I caught some major ones while under warranty!

AC Evaporator (just caught this, they will replace at my next visit)
iDrive controller came loose (same as above)
Rear sunshade motor replaced
Trim on door pulls and around iDrive controller replaced
Rattle in dash resolved

I went ahead and picked up EasyCare TotalCare (3 yrs, 85k miles, $500 deduct) for ~$2600 for some peace of mind and a hedge against any huge bill in the next few years.

These two repairs they're doing soon really opened my eyes some on the costs that come with this car. They have to remove the entire dash to get at the evaporator (would have been $2700) and have to replace the entire iDrive piece just because the epoxy broke (would have been $900).

Gotta pay to play, I guess!
That's one of my biggest fears for this car is the AC condenser. How'd you catch the issue? Don't mind replacing engine parts, but removing the entire dash on my own doesn't seem feasible.

Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
have te same issue with mine - i just deal with it and fill the oil every 3-5 mos like you. are you aware of any sources that sell the 09+ cap? i tried to get it from BMW (under warranty), but they refused. disagreed that the cap was in fact faulty / leaking.

also: the steering wheel - mine is starting to peel as well.
My steering wheel trim was already a little rough when I got the car from 1st owner. Can get it pretty cheap from Tischer though.

Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
What are some symptoms of the throttle actuator issue?
My whole dash lit up
The car goes into limp mode and I read my code. Did the DIY and it wasn't that bad (check my sig)
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