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I stopped going to large scale EDM gigs when Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5 & now, little Porter Robinson dragged down the scene. The tunes can be catchy but it's got too commercial, too mainstream and the people who attend the gigs have no clue, no spirit and end up brawling. I miss the days (4yrs back?) when it was all about the music. This, coming from a young guy.

We had some awesome festival's over here, best heard of were Creamfields & Global Gathering but they've been overrun by the kind of idiots who go out, fight and grope women for fun on a Friday night. That's not to say that the women are any better, they nornmlly spin around in circles while attached to each other's hair by the fist, scream, claw and spit. All upper class citizens of course.

I haven't been to a Tiesto gig for years, for the same reason.