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I just got back from the school. Bruce and his team put on a great school. If you're trying to decide what you want to do next in terms of tracking, you definitely need to attend a BMW CCA Racing School.

The students in our class had a varying degree of experience from DE instructors to Lemons drivers to guys like me that were pretty limited to solo DE's. I think as long as you have car control, good situational awareness, can follow instructions, and don't try to win race school, you'll do fine in the school.

We did some very interesting exercises that build on each other and get you prepared should you decide to take the plunge into racing.

The first exercise was to drive the track 3 abreast. It's amazing how much track is out there and how much grip it has in places you've never been. The next exercise we did was to leapfrog, which taught you how to grab the inside turn for late passes. The final exercise of the first day was to pass anywhere, no pointby required. We all played nicely, though I did lose track of Peter into turn 1 and caused him to have to go off track. Sorry man.

We got rained out for the first session of the second day, and only got one lap in for the second session due to a bad off between turn 7 and 8.

We had another open session for the 3rd session.

The final exercise was practice starts. We'd line up 2 abreast starting at Turn 9-10. A pace car brought us to the front straight, and once the green flag waved, it was on. If you were in the middle to front, you could usually leap frog several cars. Turn 1 was typically 2-4 cars abreast as we'd jockey for position all the way to turn 5, where we'd pair back up and repeat. We were able to rotate positions so you got to start from front, middle, back and from inside and outside.

The class room instruction was extremely informative and several of the "graduates" are planning to race in April and later at COTA.

Sadly, I found out the CF roof I put on a few months ago would put me in super modified, so if I decide to build up my car for BMW club racing, I'll probably go with blank roof when I have it off for the cage rebuild. Otherwise, I'll try to sell to another DE junky and try to build an IP E36. That's at least a year off.

Anyways, it was a great experience and I am so glad I did it. DE's will never be the same, though I still have a lot to learn as a driver.