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Originally Posted by Fiveseven108 View Post
Personally I've had great experiences with Paul Cox... when I had a 335i (lemon'd) Paul was able to fix every single problem it had even when BMW tried to deny a few of the repairs.
Im glad you had a good experience with him, unfortunately my experience was horrible. Had to go to dealer three times in less than 24 hours. He told me the noise in my car was "normal" twice and sent me home. I finally took a video of the noise and showed another SA, who immediately said "yeah that is definitely not normal". Furthermore, he lied about examining the car. He first said that he had someone test drive it and did not hear anything so nothing was done. When I asked if they did anything besides test drive it, he first said no. THen when I questioned why they only test drove it, he lied and said he had someone look at it also, which was not true.
THEN, he further went on to say that he wont have the tech look at it because there is nothing to fix and they wont "get paid". He basically said to take it to another dealer also, which I felt was totally rude.