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Wow, perfect, that is so helpful. As I suspected to the OP your timing is way down. On the other hand I would have thought a tuned car would offer more than 2 degrees of advance but maybe that is where the power increase ended as I know more advance does not always mean more power. AFR's are right on target for me but again OP to really see whats going on we need some AFR and personally I want to see the knock events.

I am surprised logging is not a bigger part of the m3 community. I understand for a turbo car it is significantly more important to really dial in boost and monitor the engine safety but still I find it really interesting stuff to log the various effects of temperature, humidity, octane use any any other variable and see directly how it is effecting the engine output.

Quite amazing how exact and precise this engine can monitor and adjust at the speed it does!

I have also read that the stock max timing (which appears is 32) is quite aggressive so I wonder if a regular stock car on 91 or even 93 in real world conditions actually ever hits that?

Anyone know how a catless setup would show up differently on any of these logged values? I figure it would not effect AFR, timing etc necessarily.