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Originally Posted by mryakanisachoad View Post
I don't see F1 or NASCAR drifting all over the place. At least not on purpose lol.

Go carts, that weird Australian racing on ESPN 9, that awful Fast and Furious movie and Japanese street racing crap - there I see lots of drifting.

Is this drifting craze because of that stupid Top Gear show or something?
Drifting, who doesn't like to drive with the a$$ end out. There's skill and sport for everything... even cup stacking. You should watch superbike racing where they steer the back end into a turn. It's crazy! Also, driving hard out of a turn, they leave these very cool long blackie marks. Love it!

Originally Posted by Tsuyoi View Post
Please tell me you aren't considering "Top Gear America" as "the" Top Gear.

Top Gear UK, the original, has very little in terms of "drifting". If you've been only watching America version and are judging top gear based on that, please please go watch the original.
I LOVE watching the US top gear! It's hilarious. So is the UK one as well. The US show where they take soccer mom vans across the continental divide is priceless.