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Originally Posted by blitzboy76 View Post
I love to read threads like these. I'm blessed enough to be taking delivery of my very own in April (losing sleep, with the wait!)! Like one previous poster here, I could mostly say that it is a leap of faith for me. Thanks to you fair members of this board, and Clarkson, Hammond and May (OK, mainly Hammond), and a couple all-too brief test drives, I am taking the plunge. Sometimes I read negative threads. "The M3 is slower than a Boss-Whatever", "slower than a C63 AMG", blah, blah, blah...I get a little down on it. Then I come read a thread like this, and it raises my spirits again! Thanks OP!
It's not just about speed. There is just something about this car that goes beyond the stats. The saying "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" truly applies. And for what its worth, you can build a Honda Civic to be faster than a GTR, so, like I said, it's not just about speed.
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