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Originally Posted by too hot View Post
Mmm and how does a remapped 335D compare???

Maybe I haven`t made this clear enough I have the 335D,which I do quite like at the moment!!!However most of the comments I am getting are basically just go for it types WHY ??? What makes the M3 so much better than the 335D ??? What am I missing here ???
Its the whole package mate, on a straight bit of road you would wonder what the difference is! but if you drive the car and I mean drive it, the 335d just feels like a big heavy lump by comparison (you notice this on the corners). In my opinion the std e9x can't handle the torque properly. It just eventually pi**ed me off. I'm not saying by any means the 335d is a bad car but it is just a fast 3 series nothing too involving and for an everyday car brill.
The M3 is involving just remember on the test drive, you need to drive it properly you won't get that wow factor straight away like you did with the 335d/i. You have to work for it.