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Originally Posted by White 13 View Post
Fire Trucks are backed in to get out faster, but when backing in they will have a backing guide or they will receive a 5% pay cut for 3 to 6 months. And yes, they have plenty of training and take driving very serious.
If you check into it a bit you will find that many corporations require there employees to park company cars backwards into parking spots.

Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
..not everyone is meant to
So agree with this ... backing into a spot takes skill not everyone has it ... if you make your drivers licence in Europe it becomes a requirement or you do not pass.

Originally Posted by DFDubM View Post
Backing in to parking spaces has been proven to be much more safe by care insurance companies because most parking lot accidents happen when people are backing out of spaces. I know of at least five Fortune 500 companies who REQUIRE their employees to back in to parking spaces at their campuses and those who drive companies cars are required to do it everywhere. Their insurance policies state it.

I rarely do it except in very tight parking garages where sight lines are minimal just to make getting out easier. My State Farm agent actually mentioned making a habit of backing in to parking spaces because they have stats to say there are far less accidents doing so.
Many of my former customers have the "back into the parking spot" requirement. Some even encourage the employees to make it a practice when not at home.

Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
Having the skills to manuever your vehicle in reverse and make it easier to exit..seems obvious..
Originally Posted by ///M3THOD View Post
You can park away from people without making your car a target.
I park as far away from cars when in a shopping centre parking lot. Most of the time when I return there are no other cars parked near me ... and if there are others they park there with the same intention to keep folks that do not respect others keep away. So far it worked fine all my e93 m3s and my former e46 never has suffered from a door bang or scratch.

Besides I like to keep in shape and a short walk to the store never killed anyone

Originally Posted by konaforever View Post
I live in a condo and park ride outside my window. My neighbor hates when I reverse park because of the noise. I would think it would be more quiet in the morning when I pull out though.
Actually I read some place in a fuel economy thread that having backed into a spot will save you fuel since you are starting with a cold engine while doing the back out then forward motion while getting on the way again.

Last year my daughter borrowed our DD while I worked on her 535is Bimmer, she hit someone while backing out from a shopping centre parking spot. The spot on her right hand side was free and as she backed out she hit one of those ladies rushing into the parking spot to my daughters right.

She did not see the lady since she looked left while backing out. I asked her did you not use the backup camera and checked all around? She said no sorry I did not. Well both the lady and my daughter were at fault so it was decided by the insurance company. The incident cost me $1000- that was my deductible on our DD (damage my car rear right hand bumper - lady front left hand bumper).

I'm sure that all that posted negative comments on backing in must agree that this would not have happened if my daughter had backed into a spot or parked in such a way that she could pull out without reversing the car.

Ask your insurance agent next time you have a chance how many fender benders happen in shopping centre parking lots. You be surprised. I avoid driving thru shopping centre parking lot lanes for fear some one backs out right into my car. People just don't seam to look or they might be thinking ....

Look out here I come ...

so backing into a spot or as far away as possible is my preventive measure
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