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Originally Posted by mryakanisachoad View Post
I don't see F1 or NASCAR drifting all over the place. At least not on purpose lol.

Go carts, that weird Australian racing on ESPN 9, that awful Fast and Furious movie and Japanese street racing crap - there I see lots of drifting.

Is this drifting craze because of that stupid Top Gear show or something?
No drifting is just a fun way of driving and it's been in racing since the 1930's when Gran Prix drivers used it in turns. Rally Car drivers use the techniques of drifting more so then other types of racing. F1 or NASCAR rarely do any drifting because they are after max grip and following a racing line as fast as possible. Drifting is The idea is being in control but "out of control" at the same time. It's not for everyone but it's a lot of fun.