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Originally Posted by M&M View Post
Hi, well done. Do you what the part number is for the pistons & where you get it it from? What's the CR:
Once the pistons are in I'll post up pics & part numbers .
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I was thinking the same thing but I let it be...
Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Your browser history must be very boring... And if we'd all be mature, we wouldn't do this kind of stuff in the first place.
I have buddy's who are in their 60's hitting that track all I can say is Kuddo's cause I'll be doing the same thing when "God willing" I reach that point
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Damn, you east coast boys are HP hungry!
Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
You guys seriously keep setting the bar!

Pure nuts man! Having the fancy modification list and the high dyno figures is one thing, but I CANNOT wait to see some insane videos and acceleration times!

All the best man. Looks you have all the right people partaking in your madness, haha.
I honestly was gonna part my car out as I got kinda bored and needed a new venture but after speaking to a few friends in depth about my thoughts and feelings they talked me into a new fix VT3, and honestly after seeing and speaking with Drew, his feedback was nothing but positive & not to mention driving Izzy's VT3 was thrilling and fun so I figured what the heck !!
This was also the logical thing to do considering the parts I've accumulated on the car and that fact that it was Individual Build made it just that more unique !

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Nice man! I've seen your car at ACM a bunch and its going to be not only one of the quickest but one of the sexiest cars out there. Love the color and wheels.
Thanks man the wheels have a new look to them now