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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
I agree with you...I dont see AAPL taking out the all time highs every again...once they start paying dividends the super growth part is over...AAPL will trade like GOOG now(will have its 20% ups and downs)...I see alot of risk in AAPL if it touches 550-575 where the future 200dma could very well be...more I look at AAPL I realize this too is a trade and not a super long term I would like to see AAPL announce a new Apple TV set!....
If it hits 550 again I'm out for good... I didn't have enough of it (thankfully) @ 527 to make that dividend worth keeping.

Other problem is apple is loosing some of its image, with samsung at phones, and the people I'm with kinda past the trend it could really hurt. If it revives its image (which its done in the past) who knows what kind of run it could have again [but I still wouldn't buy it lol]. I was more pissed cause when it tumbled down from 600s I let them talk me into 527 when my gut told me and all the image stuff said it would tumble lower . Same gut got me in at 300s though