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Originally Posted by 335i1 View Post
I got apple first in the 300s cashed in and my guys had me buy at 527 so that didn't work out well at all, but I'm still ahead overall. Personally I just can't see apple making a 600+ run again.

(investor novice here )

I agree with you...I dont see AAPL taking out the all time highs every again...once they start paying dividends the super growth part is over...AAPL will trade like GOOG now(will have its 20% ups and downs)...I see alot of risk in AAPL if it touches 550-575 where the future 200dma could very well be...more I look at AAPL I realize this too is a trade and not a super long term I would like to see AAPL announce a new Apple TV set!....