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Originally Posted by HighandDry View Post
I have to say that I love driving the M3.

Coming from Carrera, GT3, Turbo, and Aston Martin, I have to say that the M3 stands well within this group. All these cars have strengths and weaknesses. The Carrera is a great car, but not the most practical (really only 2 seats with limited storage). The GT3 is a awesome track car, but way too raw for daily use. The Tubo is stupid fast, but kind of dull. The Aston is a beautiful car, but it's omph doesn't match it's roar.

The M3 is so well balanced, has that great NA engine, and can fit my kids and their stuff in it pretty comfortably. Just an awesome car.

I still LOVE my Ferrari, but it's like dating an Italian supermodel. Conditions have to be absolutely right to enjoy her The last time I tried to go to the supermarket in it, I came out and there were 3 people sitting on the hood taking a picture!

Wow - I couldn't deal with 3 folks sitting on my heavily salt and peppered m3 hood - what did you say to the crew on your ferrari?

I just picture metal pocket buttons stamping that fine Italian clear coat...