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I would say you don't need to realign. Put it on the rack and set your daily driving camber to a reasonable amount, say -1.5 degrees. Set the toe to the midpoint of the factory range. Make marks on the camber plates for the -1.5 setting so that you can come back to it easily when changing camber.

Now move the camber to your track setting, max'd out perhaps. Maybe you get -3.0, so now look at where the toe-in went to. It will toe out with increasing camber, so you just might have the perfect toe setting for the track (near zero). If the toe isn't too far out, you're now set. Either move the plates to max or mark the new track camber setting position you've decided upon.

This is the process my daughter uses on her E46 ZHP with Ground Control coilovers, and it has worked great through many changes back and forth.
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