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Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
I hope everyone is digging out of the snow and if you are a skier or boarder please go lay some fresh tracks down. My girlfriend and I dodged the storm Friday morning for a trip planned to Aruba. As much as I want to e skiing in this snow, I really needed a vacation out of the country and warm weather with nothing but lounging to do!

Endless619 what wheels are those on your M? Nice garage and clean looking M. We are looking for places right now as well..only problem is Boston is a premium to find places with a garage ad usually it's a tandem spot, which I can't stand and have no place for all my parts and other stuff laying around into garage now. Or it's a bigger garage you are sharing with others and still no place to store stuff.

I hope everyone has power and no significant damage. My folks had a tree fall on the garage. Luckily only minor roof damage and no injury to my dads collection of bentleys and Aston martins (yeah I know he is a sucker for English cars and trying to get him to the German or Italian side).

They are 18 inch gloss black Volk Te37s. Thanks man. I heard that about MA.

Snow sucked today. I have a lot of shoveling to do in the morning. lol X5 all day long. lol