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Originally Posted by Ti-Jean View Post
I headed to the track (Butonwillow) recently to dial in my KW Clubsport suspension. After the suspension was all dialed in, I had a good time chasing down a black Viper. As expected, he would pull away a couple car lengths coming out of a corner into the straights but I would catch right back to him on the corners. I felt like a Miata against this HP and Torque monster (my car is stock engine wise).
Fun video to watch. Car sounds incredible, as usual for your setup. Nice calm, smooth, fast driving. Viper had a nice little drift going over the hump at around 3:11. Good job sticking with him in your 420hp, German Miata.

Originally Posted by Ti-Jean View Post
This is my first set of NT 01 and I have to say they wear quite well, very uniform across the entire width of the tire. This was day 3 for the set and I rotate them after each day (running square setup). The only issue I have with these tires is that I don't think you can get more than 4 days out of a set.
Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
4 days for a set. That sucks. I'm on my first set and was thinking I would get 8 to 10 but have been told you can't overwork them or they will be junk quick. That's why I was curious cuz looked like you were pushing into some turns.
Originally Posted by yandy View Post
The NT01s are going to be great for about 4 days. You can probably use them for maybe 5-6 days if lucky, but they will def not be the same, and you'll notice. On a lighter car, story may be different.
Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I am on my 6th set of NT01s. When they become slick, they are about half worn. It is at that point that they start to grip better. I actually kept running a set that had started to cord on the edges and they were still running fine. I have been able to get between 6 to 12 days out of my various sets, depending on the tracks I ran.
Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
On the NT01, the thread blocks count fot the first 3/32" of avaiable thread depth. Once the blocks have worn away, you still have another 3/32" to go. You can even have them shaved down to 3/32" as new to get a grippier tire out of the box. See info from Nitto web site:
I agree w CanAutM3. I've been able to get a 10-event season out of a set of NT01s by rotating judiciously. I've done this two years in a row with two sets of NT01s. Am I driving like a little old lady from Pasadena? Maybe, but I'm consistently one of the fastest cars in Advanced Intermediate with various groups. From everything I've read, the Nittos wear like iron compared to the Hoosier R6... The Hoosiers are apparently fantastic tires, and in another class compared to the NT01s, but they wear very quickly. They become an expensive, short-lived high/addiction. That's why they're called the "purple crack."
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