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Thinking different, M3, Cayman S or Z06.

I currently have a 335i and a 986 Porsche Boxster. ( manual 986 and auto 335i)

Very good cars in their own way, but next on my list I want to upgrade to a more potent performance car.

This is my fun car slot, as I have A Prius DD already.

I love a visceral and exciting driving experience for winding roads and some highway straights.

Here are my 3 options. All are pretty much the same price, staying in the low $40k range or high 30's.

Here are my thoughts and I'd like feedback.

2009 e92 M3 Dct:

I love this car - I got chills of excitement when I drove it. Sound is raw and the car is exciting to rev out, plus I love the interior tech which I've grown to like on my 335i. The 335i is tame and neutered, the m3 is sharp and immediate.

2009 Cayman S Pdk:

My Boxster screams when revved up, and it feels like a little race car even though its not the fastest. Hence, the cayman S is raw and handles great. Interior tech is behind the BMW, but it is a little more connected than the m3.

2006 or 2007 Corvette z06:

Ok, this one is different. But for the price, its performance is a kick in the back. Raw exhaust and pulls the best here, albeit not as refined as the other 2 cars and interior is lacking.

It's exciting and probably the most focused out of the 3.

I want to be excited and have fun - may even start track days later on. The z06 is likely too fast for street use, while the other 2 are easier to rev out and push to a reasonable limit.