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Low speed brake squeal

I've got about 45K miles on my 08 E92. According to the CBC, I've got about 20K left on the brakes (I'm not the first owner). Recently I've been getting brake squeal but only at very low speeds. By low, I mean like a few MPH when doing things like coming to a slow stop or pulling into a parking space. It doesn't happen initially when I first start up and drive but usually within 10 minutes it starts. It also doesn't happen when I get hard on brakes. It's really only when I'm almost to a stop and I begin to let up on the brakes.

It's driving me absolutely crazy. I'm out of warranty so I don't want to take it to a dealer and I while I know of a good independent shop, I'd like some DIY options first. I can't tell which side it's coming from, but I know it's the fronts. Thoughts? Ideas?