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Originally Posted by Overlord73 View Post
Sorry but it's not the worst option if you want to avoid drilling holes into your bumper to mount a plate in the middle.

If I recall this plate is mounted by using the existing tow hook hole so no drilling etc and you can to back to a prisitine front bumper by unscrewing the assembly and just poping the little cover back in. in order to avoid drilling holes in your bumper (which won't show since you have a plate mounted) you mount your plate off to the side like this which looks hideous. Like I said, it looks best with no plate, but if you need to have a front plate, why not just mount it properly so it looks as good as possible.

This is like saying you want rear spoiler, but you don't want to get adhesive on the trunk so you decide to mount the spoiler at the base of the rear window instead. You won't have damaged the paint finish of you car (under the spoiler), but it will look hideous.

The only logical argument for this side mount thing is if you have built a real dedicated show car and you need to frequently keep taking the plate on and off for car shows.
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