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A Volvo?!?

I just ran across a fun video test drive of the concept Volvo S60 Polestar. Back in October forum member ms372 posted another video of this high performance Volvo, but that was a somewhat biased comparison test featuring a pro Volvo touring car driver:

This one is by Chris Harris, one of the best auto journalists working today. He's very entertaining--smart, funny, a better driver than 99% of us, and the only journalist with the cojones to call Ferrari out for their practice of only allowing factory-massaged examples of their cars to be officially tested.

Anyway, this Volvo is not being mass produced, but it shows what their future may be like. Certainly sounds better than the S80 that my father-in-law had a few years back--that thing drove like a 1980s Oldsmobile.

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