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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Shrimp is as blasphemous and disgusting as homosexuality. I sure hope you don't eat shrimp, that sure would piss off your god.
All the leftists in this thread take any reasonable argument people make and turn it into "you are religious and are wrong". The point I am making about free-love is not a religious one per-se. It is a philosophical idea that many writers and philosophers explore. I'm not surprised you've never encountered it since any reading you might have done is probably limited to mao's little red book or the communist manifesto. I don't think Bill Ayers or Obama would ever lecture on it either.

My point against "gay marriage" is that re-defining things just to please current societal norms is ridiculous. If you went up to someone a few centuries ago and told him 2 men could get married he would find it as preposterous as if you started moo-ing, walking on all fours and told him you think you are a cow. Just because some people want to re-define it and the media and television portray it in a positive light doesn't mean we should accept it. If this is the path we follow what is to prevent us from accepting rape and murder in the years to come?

Also, my point was that our voting system is flawed. I pointed out that democracies brought fascists and communists to power in the past. Claiming fascism is a far-right movement proves nothing. In a circle of political ideas I am nowhere near the right. Way to just repeat media propaganda. You only prove my assertion that people like you shouldn't have the right to vote because you are incapable of engaging in political thought when 99% of what you say or answer is just repeated media propaganda or imagined and exaggerated claims that are meant to deflect from the question at hand.
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