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Originally Posted by Xcelrrate View Post
a simple Google search for 2008 BMW M3 clutch kits brings up 3 different website that seems to sell a clutch kit for our cars called "Spec" Stage 5. for around $1700.xx blah blah.. I wouldn't buy that and Hope UUC comes out with a clutch kit before my ///M needs it..

I would do my own clutch when that time comes..... But I must ask, what early indicators are you feeling or getting that says a replacement may be needed ?

I track my car at the minimum once a month and I have yet to feel any difference in my clutch compared to day 1. And I easily Easily out drive my stock brakes each time.. (my brake search has begun) sorry

With that said, I drive my car Properly Hard and she pushes back and wants and takes more... and my Clutch is still Solid.

Hope you car is ok.. GL

FYI Spec makes excellent clutches