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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
So much for you being friendly, eh? You got me, i'm an idiot. I totally misspelled that. I don't even know how to spell borders. If only i were a quality human being such as yourself; maybe then i could be so noble as to point out a typo in a pathetic effort to belittle someone.

I'm not sure i'll ever recover from this humiliating incident. Everyone thinks i'm completely illiterate now. All my friends are going to avoid me. My dog won't even want me to walk him anymore.... if only i had payed attention in school and learned how to spell correctly.... The shame i've brought to my family, if i were japanese i would probably just kill myself out of shame.

I suppose it's a good thing i'm not japanese and it's also a good thing that the vast majority of people view self righteous spelling nazis such as yourself for the turd burglars that they really are.

BTW, given the choice, i'd move to Texas over Canada any day of the week and twice on sunday.

Thanks for the laugh