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I started smoking when I was 12 turning 13 so 6 years now

I've been trying to quit with e-cigs for a while but I found they were all BS and didn't work too well so I let off that until recently. For anyone trying to find a good e-cig just search for "ego-C electronic cigarette" on google they're made by a bunch of different brands but the main one is "Joye". Gives a nice hit, it's refillable, relatively cheap and is probably the most satisfying e-cig I've tried so far.

When I have it with me I don't really need to smoke, maybe one before bed if I can't sleep.

There's like 8 people in my family using these and we've all cut down to around 1-2 (most of us smoked a pack) a day since December.

Hopefully I'll have quit by the end of 2013