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Nice video Ti-Jean! Was hoping you'd dive-bomb them at Sunset, lulz.

Originally Posted by Ti-Jean View Post
For now, to spice things up a bit, I'm driving left foot braking exclusively. I never once touched the brake pedal with my right foot on the video above.
Originally Posted by rhouck View Post
Smart! As much as I love manuals, paddles are the future. Paddles+left foot braking is definitely faster, but it's not a skillset to be learned overnight (I am terrible at left foot braking ). It will also be useful to you even in a manual car
Been left-foot braking for longer than I can remember on the street. So, of course I was left-foot braking when I started tracking (current DCT M3 is the first & only car I tracked), but found out pretty quickly that, without being strapped in tight, you are almost hovering if you don't brace yourself with left leg. So, switched to right-foot braking on the track. Then, found out about the belt-tensioning/cam-locking trick, and promptly went back to left-foot braking.

Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I am on my 6th set of NT01s. When they become slick, they are about half worn. It is at that point that they start to grip better. I actually kept running a set that had started to cord on the edges and they were still running fine. I have been able to get between 6 to 12 days out of my various sets, depending on the tracks I ran.
I did 4 days on my first/current set of NT01, and they look like I have more than 1 more day on'em - so, may be 6? I'm hopeful. I do rotate them strategically, depending on whether the track on a given day is CW or CCW.
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