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Originally Posted by M3SQRD
To make sure I understand what you'd like to want to keep your stock dampers, and switch to constant-dia linear race springs on the front struts (as well as replace the stock rear springs)? If this is what you are trying to do then...

GC, TCK, Dinan...make sleeve-over kits for the stock dampers (EDC only?). The GC and TCK (not sure about Dinan) kits also come with front camber plates. They all come with rear height adjustable spring mounts. Finally, GC and TCK offer a limited range of spring rates that are suitable for the stock dampers.

If track duty is the "primary focus", why not switch to an aftermarket suspension setup? JRZ, MCS, TCK, Ohlins...all make suspension setups for the e9x M3 and will perform much better on the track than a sleeve-over kit as well as provide a much better street ride!
Thanks. You understood what I thought I wanted to do correctly

I'm going to drive the car as-is for at least a season before upgrading the suspension and at that point I'll just get a proper coilover setup.