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Originally Posted by GIdriver View Post
I would have thought it would be worse. Yes it was an ass whipping. No doubt the C63PP is notably faster, but keep in mind this is a 6MT M3, and it appears that the M3 driver could have started in a lower gear. Perhaps an FBO DCT, starting at higher rpm's, can do better (still will loose to a C63PP, though).
A think a DCT M3 (non-E93) with a tune, headers and full exhaust would be fairly equal a C63 with PP. The C63 could also get a tune, headers and exhaust I suppose and be faster then again.

To me, though, this stuff isn't all that important. I don't measure my manhood based on stop light races I would still pick the M3 as a track oriented car and a C63 as a DD street car (although the M3 is great for that too). Both are very fast (more than needed for public roads) and even if the C63 with PP is a little faster it doesn't really matter that much unless someone just "needs" to win the next stop light race to fuel their ego.
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