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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
It's pretty bad if your parents own a couple million USD car collection.

Never really understood why my taiwanese friend's parents hate japanese cars.
Because its all about appearances/reputation. 面子 if you know what that means in chinese.

Governments in Asian countries have huge taxes on European automobiles but not as much on Japanese autos.

C200 &318i's are like $80k USD in China while S classes and 7 series are ~$300k. Infiniti M35 is ~ $90k USD in China.

Since S-classes and 7 series in US is almost the cost of a C class in China, that's why you see so many Mercedes/BMW vehicles. When they have guests over from Asia, they can show off.

Funny thing is that Japanese luxury vehicles are more comfortable than their German counterparts since German cars focus on more performance aspects of the vehicle.