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This race was doomed from the start, as shown in the vid above. I love the versatility of a vert, but they are not drag racing machines...aside from maybe the new SL63 (ugly as sin tho...).

However, isn't a loaded C63 significantly more expensive than a loaded M3? When I got my M3 in 2010 (e90), a comparable C63 (non-P31) was over $10,000 more...that's a lot of performance mods for the M at the same price point as a stock C63. With that cash put into the M, you would not have too much trouble outpacing a stock C63 P31.

I have no doubt that mod-for-mod, the C63 will be faster (4.0L vs 6.2L). I mean, a tune alone netting the AMG 50 or 60HP and torque is disgusting for an NA motor. But $-for-$ in total cash spent on purchasing the car and applying mods, the M3 is certainly appealing!
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