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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Trying one more time--What exactly do you want me to do differently and how exactly will that change fix anything?

Probably not worth my time to outline the laws I would like (none involve confiscation, but they involve registration and more thorough checks, especially for private sales, of both guns and ammo)

I'm sure that no matter what they are, you'll simply say, hey, I'm responsible, I havent shot up a classroom, I'm not the problem. Imposing restrictions on me wont make things safer.

In an isolated sense, you might even be right there. However, you'd be ignoring the very important fact that practically speaking, enforcement becomes impossible in an environment filled with exceptions (no matter how justified they are individually). If you cant monitor or enforce a law, there's no point in having it, and then it cannot provide benefit for everyone as it targets the dangerous people (ie: not you).

Guess what: in the 80s-90's, seat belt laws kicked in everywhere. There were plenty of folks who could also legitimately say, Ive driven for 40+ years with no accidents, I've not needed a seatbelt before. I'm not part of the problem, if you start making me wear one now, that wont make things any safer. Perhaps they were right, but that argument didnt fly with the cops then, and in my ideal world, the "I have a long history of safe gun ownership" wouldnt fly either.