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Originally Posted by ChRR1000S View Post
Since you apparently love facts here you go:
Since I don't speak German (in spite of my "Eyestone" name), I'm not sure what your point is here, other than to substantiate your assertion that Audis are built in Hungary, I guess. But I wasn't doubting you there.

Originally Posted by ChRR1000S View Post
I do not hate it because they make a huge amount of profit on it. The Captialist in me loves this, I hate the fact that they praise the A3/TT as a piece of german crafting while it is built in a former soviet union country.

I love Porsche Cars (Except the Cayenne and the Boxster). They are terrific. So do I love Mercs. But I hate Audis. For practically lying to their customers.
OK. Are you sure? You keep being slippery on the why of your hatred, but until your next shift in position, let's assume that you actually do hate Audi for "...practically lying to their customers..."


1) Why on earth would that matter? They either give good car or they don't. And...

2) Not that I'm doubting you (ahem), but can you point me to an ad where they tout "German craftmanship" in conjunction with the TT or other models built elsewhere? If you can do this, I will concede your point, although I think it's a minor one.

Originally Posted by ChRR1000S View Post
Would you honestly buy a high priced Vino that says it is high cultivated ITALIAN Wine 1985, but was adulerated, lets say in Kasachstan?
If you can prove Audi adulteration (meaning TTs, for instance, are built with inferior parts when they're built outside of Germany), then I'll bite, but really, for me it's about whether it's a good car or not, regardless of where it's "built". Chevy builds their vehicles in the U.S, Canada and Mexico. Honda builds their cars in Japan and the U.S., and so on...

In other words, if Kazakhstan can build good cars, that's fine with me.


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