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just thought I would add to this thread.

I didnt realize there were software updates until I was bored and browsing all my settings while parked. I had version 3.4.xx (dont recall exact).

I had only 1 issue and it was browser related. I normally use Chrome, but after putting in the VIN and selecting the latest file and agree button, the download button didnt work...this is somewhat common in Chrome. So I just redid it in IE and it worked fine.

Put it in a blank flash stick and went out to the car. It took a minute or 2 for it to find the flash drive initially, but then it found it and listed the 2 updates that were valid and going to be installed. multi and telephone. 3.5.4 and 3.5.6. I said OK and it went along for a few minutes. It wanted me to start the car first I noticed.

A few comments:

- I use my iPhone 5, os6.1 using bluetooth. I dont use USB anymore (I used to charge this way, but it then removes the bluetooth audio). I got a mini power port that gives me 2 USB ports for my power port in the center I only charge it that way.

Anyway, bluetooth doesnt show artwork when playing Pandora, for example. However, the new update is very quick at updating the song info. However, when switching to Slacker radio app or SiriusXM app, it does NOT update the song info still.

I have a 2011 e93, build date is August 2011

I notice some are talking about getting texts and/or email. Is this an additional option on some idrives? I do not see anything in settings to allow this in my car. I can send the car a message from the bmw remote app.

One other comment, my car came with the iPhone adapter cable...however, I never had a pre only the lightning cable. Am I missing some features because of this?

thx, sorry for all the questions.