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Originally Posted by alofoque View Post
If I'm crusing at 50-60mph and i put it in neutral you can still feel the vibration.
So engine speed is not a factor, whether you are cruising at 50mph at 2000rpm or at 700rpm you get the same vibration?

And by vibration, do you mean a metal against metal clank or is the whole car shuddering or shaking? If shuddering it can be a number of things (some of them being what the dealer tech mentioned):

When you speed up to 80 does it go away (can be as simple as a wheel weight)? How about when you go around a curve at speed, does it get worse (wheel bearing or suspension)?

You said you are using spacers. Is the wheel lining up properly with the spacer and the hub? Do you have the correct longer wheel bolts? Are they torqued properly?

I would jack the car up and inspect each corner, suspension tightness, wheel bolts, the tires themselves for bulges, etc.