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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
Surely these people are wiser than you or i when it comes to this subject. No?
I would concede that they were among the wisest of their generation, but we today enjoy a hugely significant unfair advantage over them: the benefit of 20/20 hindsight over the past few hundred years. As a result, blindly adopting their dogma without a critical eye today is foolish. We routinely discard medical practices from the 1700's as well, without casting aspersions upon the brightest medical minds of that time.

The writings of the founders contains a common theme; the second you take the muzzle off the gov, they will turn around a bite you. Not, they MIGHT do so, but they WILL do so. Perhaps painting them as paranoid is a tad harsh as they were a product of the political environment of their time, and had no crystal ball. However, as you can see today from places like Canada, UK, Australia, many Scandanavian countries, etc., you can have a democracy without the deterrent of a heavily armed populace, and the gov, despite the absence of the muzzle, did not abuse that. They are too smart to bite the hand that feeds them. Nor do they seem to be inevitably approaching such a state in any great hurry. It's hard to argue that Canada or Sweden today are closer to tyranny than they were 100 years ago, for example. (obviously I'm not including places like Iraq or Syria, that's comparing apples to oranges)

I personally cannot fathom how one could harbor the idea of American exceptionalism, the "greatest country on Earth" and all that, while honestly fearing that their own elected officials, fellow American citizens, cannot be trusted to be let off their leash while citizens of other western democracies have been able to place their trust in their gov to behave, and have not been hurt by doing so. I cant grasp how those two sets of ideas can logically coexist in the same brain.