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Originally Posted by kawasaki00 View Post
I have a pdx5 in our grand cherokee, it is totally enclosed with no air movement. It is runniing polk front and rear and a square solo 12" on the 5th channel, I can jam it all day long and it barely gets warm. I would say something is wrong with it or are your impedences correct?
I'm running 4ohm SWS under the front seats wired in parallel on one of the channels, and the rest of the speakers are 4 ohms each.

It's fine 99% of the time, but I have good quality speakers up front (rainbows) and they sound absolutely cracking when I really turn it up. Frankly that type of volume levels are much higher than stock, and imtnk the PDX is rated at 50W so maybe I'm just pushing it too much? Not sure how to tell...

The amp gets warm but not burning hot. I'm thinking creating ventilation holes might help, or even stepping up to a small fan...

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