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Originally Posted by r0wr View Post
What's your target and time frame for BBRY? I don't know if I'm a believer in BB10, I don't seem to understand why you are.

I also agree that we'll be seeing a correction in the next couple of days. I honestly thought it would have happened by now but we're about to either make or fail at our 3rd push up within the next week so we shall see soon.

I've been making a killing buying AMZN calls and AAPL calls, especially today. I hope AAPL continues tomorrow, even though I have a very small position.

Glad youre making some on AAPL!....

I like BBRY cause their new phone isnt great in itself but it is a huge improvement to what they had...alot of corporate users are still forced to use BBRY and they will all get the new phone.

They have very little of the phone mkt now so they can only go up...hard to go down from nothing if you're in BBRY at 17.00-18.00 sure there is some risk but what stock doesnt have risk?...but if you're in near 10-11.00 like when I first said I liked FB and RIMM(BBRY), then you are in good shape.