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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
In on AAPL today near 444ish...will accumulate more next week.

In on RIMM at 10.70

In on FB at 24.00.

AAPL should do better with iphone 5S...many like me are waiting until 2 yr contract over to get new iPhone to get the subsidized price...ATT usually lets people out of their contract after 1 yr but they didnt do that this this contributed to weaker sales recently.

So did anyone take that AAPL trade with me...I know it was hard to at the time and it always is near bottoms...sentiment always low at bottoms...gotta buy when there is fear and negative attitude...I loved it when people were calling for 300.00 as it told me the sentiment was piss poor......think AAPL will make me alot over the next at 444.00