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Originally Posted by 335beast View Post
We need more people like you and ur father. I know a lot of younger folks whose parents are loaded because of their parents hard work and their kids are spoiled so they never understand the meaning of hard work! I can tell your gonna be succefull because of the way u have been brought up. I wold have been tempted to ask my dad for a super car though hahah by saying that, would u guys adopt me? lol

Originally Posted by Kensta335 View Post
+1. I would be asking for at least an M3
I would never get anything done if I had an M3, I'd just want drive all day everyday.

Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
I would of at least asked for a GTR. Considering how wealthy your family is, driving a 335 is like driving a used honda civic from the 90s.
Aw the 335 isnt THAT bad. My first car was actually a used Toyota Camry, so the BMW is a CONSIDERABLE step up for me. A GTR is way to expensive, not to mention my family doesn't really like Japanese sports cars.

Originally Posted by GammaZeta View Post
That's a great attitude to have. You don't want to turn into some trust fund kid with a vacant life meaning.

Warren Buffet said it best when he was asked how much money he would leave to his children:

"Enough money for them to do anything, but not enough for them to do nothing"
Thanks for the kind words, and great quote by Buffet, I'm not sure where I heard that before.