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Originally Posted by Bmw135er View Post
Great information. My Motorsport studs stay tight, and I always double check them before driving in any spirited situations and when I swap wheels.

Applying ARP lube or anti seeze to the threads of the lug nuts will help you torque them better. It helps to reduce/eliminate binding on the threads and distribute the torque more evenly while torquing them down. Not to mention reducing galling or binding while removing your lug nuts.
I did some reading on this, and it makes sense, so that the torque being applied to the fastener (lug nut) is the true torque of securing the nut to the wheel, and not the torque required to overcome the friction of rough surfaces on the threads. But BMW specifies 120Nm/89ft-lbs for dry threads, so how do you accurately adjust the torque specification to account for the increased lubricity from ARP lube or antiseize? And then do you have to worry about the decreased friction on the threads allowing the nut to back off over time?
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