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Meh, I wouldn't mind moving to Canada if it came to that. They're friendly except if you're playing one of their teams in hockey. I don't think that'll ever come to fruition, but it's not a bad option. Maybe I'm biased though; my family ventured into the US from the North a few decades ago.

But I guess, as a resident of the City of Chicago for a few years, I simply laugh at those who think bans and much stricter laws (in the flavor of the proposed) are the answer. More stringent background checks? I'm ok with that. Much stiffer penalties for those who obtain or distribute firearms illegaly? DEFINITELY on board with that. No tolerance on repeat violent offenders? MOST DEFINITELY on board with that.

Funny though how the Dem states are doing that one-upper shit like they're trying to stick their noses so far up Obama's butt that they can smell his breath. All the while, this is costing us (and by "us" I mean the taxpayers) tons of money we apparently don't have, spearheaded by misinformation about what weapons were used at SH, using the tragedy to push political agendas.... Brilliant. Ds and Rs do have something very important in common: as politicians, they can't get shit done on any level.

It really is just a giant circus. I don't think we need to take the Government back from the Politicians as much as we need to take Politics back from the Democrats and Republicans. They're really hijacking the system.